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How to assign a same resource to all of activities?

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Marco Zargarani
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Joined: 4 Nov 2010
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I tried to assign a same resource (dummy resource) to all of my activities by using Global Change, but it didn't work properly. I think we can only change the resource name in global change, no changes in any assignments. I was wondering if there is any other way to do this?




Tanveer Ahmad Niazi
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Hi 2 all

This is true we can assign resources to multiple activities, but what about the units. Is there any way to assign units to multiple avtivities coz there may be couple of activities consuming same units of resouces.


Zeeshan Jamal
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Dear All,

         After assigning one or more resources to Multiple activities, is it possible to assign same number of resource quantity to all the activities assigned with that resource???


Eg: if i'm assigning a resource 'X' to the activities A, B, C & D and then can it be possible to assign the quantity of X (say 'N') to all the assigned activities A, B, C & D at the same time.

michael ramos
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hi Mohd

yes kumar and sharref are right, if you dont want to right click then click assign first before selecting the rest of the activities

command bar buttons are also available

Shareef Abdul Azeez
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Hello Mohammed,


Kumar is right....!!!!

You can assign multiple reources to group of activties or all activties by : Selecting the activties, then right click --> Assign--->Resources.  Select the resource (or multiple resources using Ctrl + Selection). and Assign.



Best Regards

Shareef A Azeez

Marco Zargarani
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Dear Kumar,

It's not gonna happen, because when you select all of your activities, your assignment button will be useless and you can't assign any role or activity to your selection !!!!!!


kumar s
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Dear Mohammad

you can assign the resource to all the resources by just (Shift+select)option.there is no need to go through the global change

select the resouece column in the activities layout and select all the activities and assign the resource which you need at once.