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Contigency or escalation

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Dear All,

What are the parameters to set contigency ratio?
Pl. share with me because i need it badly.

Thanx & Regards
Amir Javed


David Wallace
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I have re-assigned this topic to the Schedule Risk forum.

Dear R. Catalan
Thanx for this reply.
The head office of Almojil Group is in KSA & I am working here.

Thanx again
Amir Javed
R. Catalan
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Go visit this link about contingency fund and risk assessment,

By the way, Al-Mojil is already in Qatar?

Hope the above helps,
Mike Testro
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Hi Amir

I know this is your first post but you need to put it in the correct category.

Try Risk Assesment and you may have a better response.

Also from the small amount of information you have given I have no idea what you are asking.

You need to elaborate a bit.

Best regards

Mike Testro