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PMP or CEP or Other?

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Robin Williams
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My new job is going to pay for a certification for me. I am an FEL-level TIC estimator and have been so primarily for about 7 years. Prior to that I have been a construction and a design project manager for both owner and engineering firms for about 5 years. I am non-degreed and got my start as a craftsman in the piping trades which I did for approximately 9 years before moving into project management/control roles. I have no other professional credentials. This has never held me back in my career, but if the offer is on the table, I'm going for it. 

Question is in the subject. It has already been proposed to my supervisor that I obtain the PMP by someone of influence. It seems like I've found my niche in estimating and maybe something like the CEP is more in line for my career path. 



Robin Williams
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I apologize for this late response, it has been a while since logging on. 

I am still considering the right path forward and have not considered the Guild option. I'll add that to the list of potentials and review your benchmarks. 

Thanks for the thorough reply Dr. Paul. 

Dr. Paul D Giammalvo
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Hi Robinwysiwyg_imageupload::,

Since 2010 I have been benchmarking some 80 global credentials against the US Professional Engineer License (PE) as well as Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000-hour" rule and unfortunately, the actual articles explaining the scoring model in detail are down right now for another 2 weeks but I have attached the graphic showing the difference.


Suffice it to say, as you can see in the pink section of the graphic, the PMP is an ENTRY level credential that you are way more than qualified to obtain.  Here is the proof to back up my research, written by the father of the PMP Lee R. Lambert-


The AACE certifications fall under the dark blue section and the Guild credentials meet or exceed the same requirements as an ABET (olive colored section) or non ABET PE license. (dark green section)


The AACE family of credentials are better than the PMI family but even the CEP does NOT validate COMPETENCY but only the ability to pass a multiple choice exam.   Why not consider the Guild's family of COMPETENCY based credentials.  We are still in the process of updating the names and requirements but with 7 years experience, you would come very close to qualifying for the MASTER level?  

  • An Experience Profile to show ~ 8 years of work relevant the the Credential (i.e. about 16,000 hours).  Project Controls (as opposed to Planning or Cost or Claims) applicants will need to demonstrate an appropriate spread of work experience across all Tracks.
  • A relevant PhD will reduce this by 6,000 hoursMasters by 3,000 hours4 year Degree by 2,000 hours, or 2 year Degree by 1,000 hours.


IF you are interested in learning more, we have 30 years experience running PMI and AACE certification classes with an outstanding first attempt pass rate of 80%+.   Go HERE and you can see what our graduates produce for RESULTS, and be sure to check out the RECOMMENDATIONS from our successful graduates on my Linked In page-



Dr. PDG, Jakarta