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Job Hunting

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Here at Planning Planet we have been receiving a bulk of mail on the subject of job hunting.

As a result we have a couple of members looking into this and we were thinking of the following ideas...

(1) Add Employment Agencies into the Links directory and be able to select either planning websites and/or employment agencies.

(2) Create a mailing list, onto which approved planning agencies could post their vacancies. This mail would be automatically sent out to all planners who have added themselves to the list.

(3) Improve the Jobs Page by getting new jobs emailed out to anyone who subscribes to a mail alert. We could add a place for members who "are looking for a job"

(4) Create a Forum Category for "I am interested in a new job" in which members could post a few words to tell ther world that they may be interested, if approached.

What do you guys think?


Ed van der Tak
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Hi Dev Team,

The following as a reply to your qeustions (planners generally like structure in there work):

1) Great idea, in order to create info in the data you could code all the websites into *Planning Software *Planning Methods *Planning Agencies *Employment Agencies *Project Management etc.

2) Mailing list could be better if there is an option to match jobs and planners through a series op codes. It might be good to let an agency fill out a form where the coding takes place (fi. type of work/level of planner needed/software packages/duration/location etc.) and on the other side a form for planners looking for jobs. Matching could then take place on certain codes (all or many/few).

The overall result will be that : - Agencies will give adequate info for there needs (only real jobs not teasers) and planners find real jobs (whatever they are looking for).

What do you think?


Ed van der Tak
ARAM Planning Consultants
The Netherlands
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Is this being introduced to this site?

I think we should go for a separate "Jobs Offered" Forum Category that can be used by "approved agencies" to post their job vacancies as a new topic, whenever they have a new job vacancy to offer.

Members could subscribe / unsubscribe to receive an email each time a new post was made to this forum category.

When a member submits a reply, an email is sent to the agency (with or without CV) and is copied to the posting member so that they could take things from there if they wish.

We would need to create a function for the respective agencies to "lock/remove" their job postings once they have received sufficient replies so that they could "remove" them from the forum once they have the right people in place.

Question, do we need to pick and choose which agencies can post to the forum - ie give them a password, once they have met our criteria, or do we let anyone post ???