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How do I become a planner or planning engineer

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Thang Van
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Hi planning professional,

I'm 33 and have been working in oil and gas industry, most of the time with operator, in the last 10 years as a project engineer, have participated in a number of major capital projects. I have good understanding of project planning, a proficient user of Project/Primavera P6. I'm looking for a way to redirect my career to be a planning engineer or planner. How do I get  a foot in the door, as all companies are looking for planner or planning engineer with experiences.




rocco spena
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Surely in the company do you work for there will be planners provided by a recruiter service company so you can look at these recruiting firm.
Mike Testro
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Hi Thang

Just call yourself a planner and change your business cards.

Also ut your rates up.

Best regards

Mike Testro

Anoon Iimos
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If you were able to stay with an O&G operator for the last ten years, then I'm telling you to just stay put with where you are and just do best with what you were doing. Though there's no better way to learn planning, but only from the contractor's side; It is likewise important to set your priorities as regards your career, as (trust me) there's never stability when you were working for a contractor.