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Recruiters & Planet Members, Why You Become So

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Shahzad Munawar
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I think all this world is selfish and mean to himself? Whats your opinion.

No body want to help anyone of same profession and seek his own interest. Am i right?

Then what’s need of this forum and planet? This should be closed immediately?

I have requested to each one for help but no body want to help and make his own way.

Is there anybody who courage to help me.


Bernard Ertl
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Hi Shahzadmn.

I assume you are referring to this post where you request help finding a job overseas. You should understand that most PP members are not recruiters and most likely do not have the ability or means to assist you in getting a job overseas.

You might have better luck engaging the services of a recruiter or headhunter to find a job for you. You might also try searching through the job listings in PPs database and applying directly for listed opportunities.

You can also review job opportunities (and post your CV/resume) at

Good luck!

Bernard Ertl
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