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Extension of time

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tasnim yusoff
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Hi all,

I dont know where to put this topic.

Can anyone tell me where i can enroll or learn about how to do extension of time programme (EOT) in Singapore?

My job is mostly about EOT programme which i dont have lots of experience about it. So it’s time to learn and enroll for few training to make myself understand it.

Tq in avance.


Mike Testro
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Hi Tansim

Very soon I will be launching the Planning Academy website and one of the tuition modules is on Basic Principles of Delay Analysis.

If you would like to be on the mailing list please email

Best regards

Mike Testro 

James Santos
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Hi all,

Can anyone post sample document or guidelines for doing EOT?


Thanks in advance.



Ashb .
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tasnim yusoff
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Dear Samer,

Thank you for the information. It relly helpful

Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Tasnim,

You can start your search by checking the websites of the following Registered Education Providers with the PMI

here is the list FYI
Advance Supply Chain Solutions Pte Ltd 2968 Website
Aldion Consulting Pte Ltd 1450 Website
COMAT Training Services Pte Ltd 2449 Website
Concept Quality Assurance Labs Pvt Ltd 2319 Website
Edgilis Pte. Ltd. 2810 Website
EPM Training Services LLP 3096 Website
ERC Institute Pte Ltd 2743 Website
ESI International 1038 Website
Global Business Management Consultants (BMC) 1060 Website
Global Knowledge Singapore
Hewlett Packard (HP) 1192 Website
iKompass 3159 Website
Image International (S) Pte Ltd 2511 Website
Informatics Professional Development Centre (IPDC) 1863 Website
Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore 2339 Website
International Institute for Learning, Inc. (IIL) 1003 Website
Knowledge Method Pte Ltd 2873 Website
Lewis Institute, Inc. 1302 Website
Lithan Genovate Pte. Ltd 2864 Website
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Singapore 2576 Website
NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd 3163 Website
Pink Elephant 2457 Website
PMI Singapore Chapter C134 Website
Processworks Pte Ltd 2291 Website
Project Decision 2340 Website
Project Management Partner LLP 3036 Website
Project Management Training Institute 1942 Website
Project Pro Pte Ltd 3003 Not provided
QAI 1689 Website
QT&T Consulting (Asia) Pte Ltd 2941 Website
Softenger Singapore Pte. Ltd. 2902 Website
Training Partners Pte Ltd 2687 Website
UP Your Service! College 2606 Website
Upstream Solution LLP 3063 Website

Chances are one of them is giving what you are looking for.

With kind regards,