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Some Thoughts on PM In the World Today

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Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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1- Why is the World changing so fast?
2- These Macro Changes Created Other Changes That Challenge Today’s Managers
3- More Changes And Challenges For Today’s PM
4- Today’s PM Operates in a Challenging Environment1
5- Which skill sets Today’s Manager Needs?


Bhuvaneswaran Vel...
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I think this is related to change management (CM) :
Change is unavoidable, everything will change as time passes by.
New skill required for project managers :
Learn continously under work pressure.

Zuo George
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Some comments:

1. This question is too big. There are too many factors push the world change so fast such as economical, political, technical, etc.
2. Yes, we have to adapt to the developing world.
3./4. Yes, PM, as part of managers, have to improve themselves to encounter these challenges.

5. Many. In my opinion, Managerial skill is the most important skill for PMs. Other skills such as technical and financial are also required.