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Data exported from P6 in Excel is in strange, unusable format?

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David Ball
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Whenever I export data from P6 in Excel format the data comes out in a strange format where everything has a "`" in front. For example, 1303FR001 comes out like `1303FR001. And I can't perform a Vlookup or other action as Excel doesn't seem to recognise the data.

Is there a way to export from P6 into Excel and get a "normal", usable output?


Thanks very much




hany esmael
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Michael Lepage
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A nice plugin for excel is called ASAP Utilities which has a nice feature to remove those apostrophes in excel.  There's a tutorial on updating activities through excel (with ASAP utils) over at


David Ball
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Thanks very much guys.



Christopher Hall
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The ' character symbolizes left justify in excel.  It comes in with some imports.

You could write a macro but the simplest way to remove ' character is to select a blank cell on the worksheet type the number 1 into it.

Ctl C this cell, highlight the column/ table, go to paste special and use the operation 'divide by'.

Problem solved, just note you'll need to re-format any date columns as the output will be numerical.

Also don't select the whole spreadsheet, it will return zeros for blank cells.


Chris Hall

Raymund de Laza
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Use the export through SDK....