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Planned % Complete vs. Actual % complete

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Shannon Johnson
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Is there a way in P6 to show in column fields the Planned % complete of an activity versus the actual % complete of the activity?  I have a baseline of the schedule, but I do not see a column in the Percent field listing to use for Planned % Complete?  Please advise of which percent column field I should be using if I want to see the value of % planned based on my baseline and which percent column field I should be using to see actual progress % complete of the activity.

I'm trying to format my layout to match the attached client request but cannot find which column to use for Planned % complete and Complete %.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Arend Woltjer
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Hi Shannon,


as Rafael already mentioned you have to have a copy of your project that you must progress 'as planned'

When you add this copy to your real schedule as a baseline you can add a 'baseline percentage complete' column to your lay out.



Rafael Davila
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I am not a P6 user but I would consider the following.

1- Create an updated as planned baseline schedule - from baseline, to the data date of the updated schedule as if occurred as planned. In this way you will get planned values of every line item.

2- Set updated as planned baseline as your comparison job.

3- Display desired values on your updated schedule with actual progress versus the comparison job [an updated baseline progressed as planned].

Suggest creating a UDF to record the planned values using global change. In this way you can compare to other baselines and still be able to display these values.

Displaying the planned values for every line item is not as easy as comparing progress curves, it requires some extra homework.

Good luck,


xadlim B.
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Planned % Complete is represented by Schedule % Complete, your programme should be loaded with resources and cost in order to generate the total Planned % Complete at the highest level, Actual % Complete is equal to Performance % Complete.

Hope it helps... 

Anoon Iimos
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you update your baseline (you can do it automatically), and then show your baseline % complete