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"Planned" vs. "At completion" duration

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Nozar Naghani
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In admin preferences (referred as well in reference manual: Baselining), there are two choices for calculating Baseline finish dates:
1- BL start + Planned duration.
2- BL start + At completion duration.

Although the title of these options is earned value, but as per reference manual it seems that this calculation is the general formula that P3e uses for BL finish date calculation.

A- Does that mean that when we baseline a project, BL finish date is not copied from current project? Does p3e recalculates it? Why doesnt simply copy it (as we expect the baseline to be an exact copy of what we see at the time of baselining)?

B- What is the reason of such option? How we may benefit and in what scenario we may choose the 2nd choice (BL start + At completion Duration)?

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Bill McMichael
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When you make a copy or baseline of the project, it is a full copy.

The Earned value option to use budgeted or At completion values determines whether the earned value and BL calculations use either at completion or budgeted values. If your baseline does not have progress, the values would be identical.

Puneet Gupta
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I think under Admin preferences Primavera is not talking about baseline finish dates. they are talking about Earned value only,
But lets look the problem in your way..
Say you first made the base line and start monitoring th e progress, then you changed the remaining duration of activities and now you want this current project as a baseline so that you can compare your new current project with this olde current project.

I hope you are not confused....anyways use it only for earned value
Henk van der Heide
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I think normaly you make a baseline before progressing the schedule in that situation Duration at completion should be equal to original duration. however once you have put some progres in it there’s the posibility for variance. I think the best way of making a baseline from a progressed schedule is setting duration at completion equal to original duration for the baseline so you dont make mistakes with that.
I think somethimes al the posibilities in P3e could be to much.