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Physical % Complete vs. Duration % Complete

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Nickie Lau
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Dear All,

I have just been handed a project that is already half way through, but work programme is in such a manner that updating is a nightmare.

Is it true that once we start to monitor the physical % complete, it is not possible to have the programme calculate the remaining duration without updating the duration % complete?

I appreciate any kind of suggestion. Thanks in advance.


Gary Whitehead
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You are correct, Mohd.

This is a deliberate feature of the physical % complete functionality, and is in my view best planning practise.

Mohd Syahrul
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I think if physical % complete, the remaining duration should be updated manually.

moutaz aldeib
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Dear Planners,

I tried to use the physical % but the remaining duration is calculated wrongly. You have to update the remaining duration which is not logic and realistic.



R. Catalan
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Yes, physical % complete in P6 is like the "link/unlink remaining duration and schedule percent complete" autocost rules option in P3.

If you’re allowed to change percent complete type to "duration % complete" then you can do it easily by using the Global Change option in P6.

Best regards,

R. Catalan

Anu Tor
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It is upto the meausement progress of your project.
If you use physical% complete that shall be calculated by progress measurement step/milestone or actual work BQ, and remaining duration is calculated by remaining BQ and current productivities rate. I think, this method is realistic than update progress by duration% complete.