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Cannot get Tertiary Baseline start & finish date columns to show up

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Robert McGhee
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Have a project where we had some issues and had to create a "Recovery" baseline.  We had set a project baseline at the beginning and had been showing the "BL Project" start and finish date columns and when I set the recovery (tertiary) baseline, went to "View", "Columns", chose BL1 start and finish colums but they just showed the original baseline dates.  So I chose BL2 start and finish and they did not show the recovery baseline dates.  Went so far as to restore the recovery baseline schedule, checked the dates and they were correct, so I went to "Project", "Maintain Baseline" and added it again as a baseline, went to "Project", "Assign Baselines", set it as the tertiary baseline again, tried to view the date columns and the same thing happened.  Have never had this happen before and I'm stumped.  


Gary Whitehead
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Try showing "BL3" dates instead of BL2

Project Baseline = BL Project

Primary = BL1

Secondary = BL2

Tertiary = BL3