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Assigning Resources to Project and WBS Level

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Ken Barrett
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I cant figure out how to assign resources to the project or WBS level for high level resource loading. Can anyone help me out?


Ken Barrett


angle sky
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Syed Abrar
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 there are few simple steps to laod resources for activities in P6.

first step is u have to define resources if u don't have any. go to Enterprises >Resources >add

u can add Labour / non labour / Material by choosing in Resource type column.

then go to the activities. select particular activity & in activity form say add resource, pop comes up where u can select one r multiple resources. then u can specify how many per duration needed or budgeted resources per activity. by default it will linearly distributed for the assigned duration.pls see below




Mohd Syahrul
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It can't be done
patrick chuks
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PLease, I am very good with P3, but have some challenges with P6 resource loading, I have two activityies with FS, assigned a workman(Carpenter 2 (in actual units of resource tab) for both activities, from the resource summary report, I was expectign to see a total required resource of 2 capenters since the activities are FS, but I am getting 4, please, what am I doing wrong, I urgently need your assistance as this will enable me know the right productivity.


THank you

My email is jemsenator(at)

Mathieu ALBOUY
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Impossible, the only level you can assign resources is activity. To confirm that you can go to ressource assignment view, and you will figure out that the only assignment availbale is at activity level.

But to resolve your issue you should know that you can assign resource to Macr/Master activity as LOE or WBS Summary. So if your WBS is well defined or if your network logic is good, this is for sure your only & best solution.

Hope to answer,

A+ les mecs

dalida rizk
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Dear all,

do you know how we do a recurrent activity in Primavera P6?  I am not able to.  thank you.

Amasor Pius
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Good day all,

Please can any one with Primavera6 manual get in touch with me on

I need it urgently, am presently using P3 and Project Professional.

Paul Harris
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The client version of P6 may only assign resources to activities.

Paul E Harris

Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

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Ken, Im sorry but i dont know P6. Lets wait for the others to comment and help us out.



Ken Barrett
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I am using P6

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What software are you using? If your using excel, i think nobody knows....