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Level Of Effort - Resource Assignments

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Jonathan Vardy
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Hi all,

I have a LOE activity (named project management) that spans the length of a 3 year project, it has around 12 project based resources assigned to it. Currently I manually enter in there annual leave by zeroing out the hours in the resource assignment view, however when the project is scheduled it alters the assignments and I have to go back in and re-enter the data. Is there something I’m doing wrong / a way around this?

Currently running P6 v7





Muhammad Zeeshan ...
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I am sorry but I dont Understand what actually you are doing ...

Manually Enter in there annual leave ....if you use Resource Calendar it will sort out the holidays

if you enter manually it will rechange to normal when project runs

So better send some screen short so we get the idea what are you aiming for


With Kind Regards


M Khan PMP