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P6 Activity Order and Sort Problem by "Start Date"

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Greg Reichmann
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Joined: 5 Jun 2008
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Has anyone come across a problem whereby the order in which activities are displayed, are not ordered correctly when sorting by "Start Date"?

I have two activities A & B. A is a Start Milestone with a FS relationship to B, a task dependent activity. When I sort by "Start Date", ie, earliest first, Activity B appears before its logical predecessor, Activity A. The only way to get around this is to sort by finish, however, this stuffs up my view for the rest of what I am trying to show.

Has anyone had this, and if so, are there any solutions?


Zoltan Palffy
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go to group and sort and group it as you want then on the right select sort then add the order there

Jordan Hansing
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I am having a similar issue.  I created my schedule and then later needed to add a new activity.  I've left room in the Activity ID's for the new activity to be in the desired corresponding order. The duration, start time and stop time are all identical to Activities A and B but no matter how I sort my activities the new activity is always 3rd in the sequence behind A and B.

Vasilios Sarras
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Cheers for this one Richard! Worked a treat, keep up the good work. 

Many thanks,


Richard Rowberry
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A very old posting, but in the Group and Sort Field, you can apply multiple Sortings, to further filter the sorting criteria. In this scenario, firstly sort by Start Date ascending, and then a secondary sort by Finish Date ascending. This way whenever you have a Start Milestone and a Task starting on the same date, by default, the activity will finish later than the Milestone and appear below it




Richard Rowberry

Rodel Marasigan
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By default Primavera used sorting field by unique field sequence number (which data ever created first). It means that if you created the task before the milestone then task will always above the milestone if both are sorted on the same field identifier.

Ex: Act1 = Task and Act2 = Milestone.
If Act2->FS-> Act1 then it will sort as task then milestone because milestone has zero duration and it will start on the same time (sorting field start).

You can create any sort field to solve this but I recommend using Activity ID and aligned the Activity ID to sort correctly. (Group & Sort: Start then Activity ID)
Rashid Iqbal
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Try sorting out by Start date first and then Activity should put the milestone above the activities even if starting the same day.


Create a sort ’UDF’ auto fill it and then sort it the way you want to. It is not difficult even for 4000 activity schedules.


Rafael Davila
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What about sorting by start date and then by WBS code?
Gary Whitehead
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I’m no P6 expert either, but could you not just sort by start date and then by activity type?
Mike Testro
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Hi Greg

Welcome to Planning Planet

Just a guess because I don’t use P6 - is the Link from the milestone SS or SF?

Best regards

Mike Testro