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Sorting Activity Code groupings by the start date of the activities within

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Brian Walkin
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I have created a view which has two levels of activity codes - Example (for illustration only) level 1: Building and level 2: Work Type. This is not the WBS. Using grouping and sort I selected the two levels and checked the box to "show summaries only". When I view the result I am looking at the summary bars at Work Type level for each building.

The problem is that the work type is not always consistent e.g. if it was: 1. Under Ground services - 2. foundations - 3. framing - 4. roof- 5. Paving; I could set my activity codes in that order. However this not always consistent in this project example the Underground services can be performed after the building construction or maybe the paving is performed after underground services but before foundations and so I need to sort the activity codes by the start dates of the activities within that activity code grouping.

How can I achieve this.



Zoltan Palffy
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to sort within a group just click on the top of the start column

also under group there is an option for sorting. ON the right select add then seleect start date

The other option is to give an chnage the of the grouping itself by chaging the order with in the activity code dictionary 

another way is in the grouping to do not select summarize instead select view then summarize to level and pick a level that you want to summarize to


Rafael Davila
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Take a look at the following link, it might give you some clues.

How to Group and Sort By Dates | P6 Consulting