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Sorting Projects by Planned Start Date

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Ijaz Ahmad
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Hello Guys,
I have opened more than one projects. While in the activities window I have grouped them by project name. But when I try to sort them by the planned start date. They don’t sort i.e. the project name bands don’t move.
For example, I have created three projects A, B, C with planned start dates as follows:

A 01-Aug-09
B 04-Jan-09
C 01-Sep-09

When I open them at the same time and group by project. In the activities window the band appear in the sequence say C,A,B. How can I sort them so that they appear as B,A,C?


Dieter Wambach
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I’m afraid, this isn’t possible if you’ll group by "project". Without "sort by..." marked, it sorts according to internal id; if marked, then by name.

But: Goto view "WBS" --> sort the projects to the sequence you need (level 1 of the WBS is the project) --> Goto view Activities --> Group by WBS "to level" = 1.

Hope this helps