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At completion Units Modification

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Izam Zakaria
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At column "At completion Labor units" the amount keep increasing once we do update the schedule. Is any solution to change them back as same amount with budgeted labor units. I did so many time in excel spreadsheet but it doesn’t work.Even in global change.....


Robin Reyes
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The post was already more than ten years ago, but no solution was posted.I encountered the same problem, wherein the At Completion keeps changing whenever I calculated the schedule after I update the actual units. I discovered the solution from Rodel's post. The straightforward solution is to:Go to Project Window>Calculations Tab>Resource Assignments. Then uncheck the condition [Recalculate Actual Units and Cost when Duration % complete changes. And Voila, the problem is solved. I speculate that 10years ago, this option is not yet available in the previous version of P6. My P6 version using now is Primavera Release 8.3.0
Richard Joshua Mance
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Hi Mr. Rodel,


Its been 10 years, but i still want to reply on this post to improve my knowledge.

I encountered Similar problem as the above wherein whenever i update my Programs my Resource Assignment Changes.

My work around in this is to Check my BL loading and compare with the Updated Program to correct the Budgeted Units.

After that since my Reporting system is based on At Completion units. I also have to correct the At Completion Units.

What happens is that whenever i actualize activities, the Actual, Remaining and At Completion is displaying zero which gives me wrong data. Therefore, (for my solution) i use below steps in the Updated Program after i export:

1. Budgeted Units = At Completion units

2. Actual Units = At Completion - Remaining Units.

I hope to understand why this happens in the Primavera Program. Hope you can give Advice.



Abhijit Patil
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Izam Zakaria
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It’s working perfectly
Rodel Marasigan
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First change the setting on Project Windows-> Calculation Tab-> Resource Assignments. Make sure Subtract Actual from At Completion is selected or tick.
Then run Global Change
Select Subject Area: Activity Resource Assignments
Resource Type equals Labor
Remaining Labor Unit = Budgeted Labor Unit - Actual Labor Units

Do the same on all Resource Type use or assign on current Projects.

Alternatively export Resource Assignment to excel spreadsheet with the following Fields: Activity ID, Activity Status, Resource ID, Roles ID, Account ID, Budgeted Units, Actual Units, Remaining Units and At Completion Units.
Update Remaining Units = Budgeted Units - Actual Units and At Completion Unit = Actual Units + Remaining Units
Then import it back.