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Project and Resource calendars

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mike mark
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how does the calendars work individually and together and how they effect man hours and durations in P6.


Mike Testro
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Hi Mike

Whatever software you use if you put a different calendar on a resource to that of the task you will get bizarre results.

If you have the facility tick your resource to follow "calendar as task" and you will have no further problems - even when you change the task calendar.

As Dieter syas - it is all in the manual and help section.

Best regards

Mike Testro
Dieter Wambach
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Please put questions more specific.
On your installation dvd or cd’s there is a reference manual. There you’ll find all about calendars and resource assignments.

Calendar: Per resource or per activity - a default value per project for new activities.

Assignments: Units depend on duration type, the default per resource, individual entry possible per day or for the hole assignment. Curve is possible. Some parameter settings for the project must be regarded - under tab "Resources" and "Calculations".

Good information on these items you’ll find in the "Help".

Did you consider to join a training?

Good luck!