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Resource assignment in P6 V7 is not as assigned calendar hours

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Nilkamal Parikh
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I am preparing a program for a small job. The effective work hours per day is 7.5 and 6.5days per week. I have set the calendar for that which I have assigned to all my resources and activities as well. I have ticked the tab to use assigned calendar to specify the number of work hours for each time period in Admin Prefrences. Now my issue is with the output in resource assignment. As my calendar says to work 7.5hrs/day to the resource but the resource assignmet window gives me budgeted hours for each resource based on 5.63hrs/day. So I am not getting 7.5hrs/day working for particular resource.

Can any one please help me why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.



Emma Seaton
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No doubt you have the answer by now looking at the post date, but from what you describe I would say you have more options to look at - make sure the Activity type is right for what you want - task dependents use the activity calendar, resource dependents use the resource calendar.  Next check what you have for duration type.... a potential minefield, but basically you need to pick which variables you want fixed when you make changes to the schedule.  Then check the number of units you have budgeted per activity - if you have a 5 day activity and you anticipate the resource working full time on it you will need to ensure the budget is 37.5hrs. 


From your message it sounds like you will need task dependent activities fixed Units/Time duration type.  If  you then enter 7.5h in the budgeted units/time against each resource assignment the budgeted units will be calculated from the units/time multiplied by the duration.  If you change the duration the units will change, but the hours per day remains the same.  If you change the budgeted units the duration will change, but hours per day remains the same.

Also check whether the resources are driving the activity dates and test the effect of changing this option on your schedule.

Experiment with the duration types on a dummy activity/schedule to practice getting your desired results.