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Specific Clause in Contracts regarding the use of P5/6

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Andrew Dick
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OK Guys and Girls,
I’ve heard a lot of stories in my time but the latest one out of the States has got me curious.

I’ve heard through a number of people that there have been some new contract clauses put into various building contracts forbidding the contractor to use various elements and capabilities of the various Primavera enterprise products.

The main one is that certain types of logical relationships are not allowed due to the nature of the algorithm.
Also that there have been restrictions placed on admin and user preferences, as well as the calendar selection.
This is apparently so the clients can maintain an understanding of the answers they are given and that they can almost believe the mathematics that the tool does.

Has anybody heard of this?
If so can you provide an example or a contact so I can find out more?



Pranab Kumar Deb
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to me too

shiv rao
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If you dont mind ,

Can you plz send it by mail to

Andrew Dick
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So I’m now in possession of a section of a contract which was used to define how a project should be structured and built in the planning software.

Silly question but does anyone want a copy?

If so I shall put it in a file share:

File sharing portal available for Planners and Schedulers on Facebook.

Go to Facebook, set up your own profile and then become a member of the ’Planners & Schedulers’ Group, you also need to add the application ’File Factory’ so you can access the file.

If I remember it will be there sometime in the next 24 hours.

Andrew Dick
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I have not seen such a beast either. However I’m led to beleive that due to the issues people have in running or understanding this software that a certian number of standard clauses are sneaking into contracts.

Ill let you know if I ever find any hard evidence.

Dieter Wambach
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If you exchange xer-files with a partner you should have a common understanding on names for codes, resources, roles, and calendars and some Admin Preferences. Otherwise you may have some surprises.
But to make this part of the contract? Until today I didn’t see such a contract.