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Regarding Importing Data from P3 to Excel

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Suresh Devarajan
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Hi All,
Thank you all for your response to my previous question. Now I am trying to man hour load the schedule. I have concrete budgeted quantity entered in the schedule as a separate resource. I wanted to transfer the resource and it’s budgeted quantity to another schedule.I know I cannot copy all the activities and paste them on the new schedule as the durations vary between the two schedules.
Please let me know how I can transfer the resource id and the budgeted quantity to the respective activities from one P3 Schedule to another.


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On P3 installation CD, there is a folder "RA". In the folder, you’ll find some sample XLS to extract/import P3 data. The file you are looking for is Project.XLS. It allows you to extract whole Resources Library from one P3 onto spreadsheet, review the spreadsheet and import it to another P3 project.

(btw, this topic be in P3 forum category, not in this one)