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P3e and compatibility with SureTrak

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Ali Vessali
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Hi there,
In order to migrating from P3 to P3e (or P3e/c) in the company with lots of under going projects, I need more information about above mentioned topic. We use SureTrak installed in all site offices and P3 in head office to support all projects.
Anyone has practical experience?

Ali Vessali


Paul Harris
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To import a project from SureTrak to P3e, save the project in Concentric (P3) format from SureTrak and import the project into p3e as a P3 project. There should no more of a risk than importing any other file.


Paul E Harris
Eastwood Harris
Jorge Taguinod
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You may also want to check out an upcoming Primavera product: P3e Lite, which would have a better integration with P3e than ST.
Mohamed Gebriel
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One more thing, P3e/C for construction promises to provided the ability to import suretrak projects. This would be an even better solution.
Mohamed Gebriel
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I do know that up till P3e ver. 3.09, you could only import projects from P3 not suretrak. But you can workaround this problem by doing the migration first between ST and P3, then importing all your P3 projects into P3e. Of course two migrations will have more risk of data loss or corruption than one.