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MS Excel & Importing into SureTrak

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Shane Pouch
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I am new to this forum. Have used P3, SureTrak, and MSProject off and on over the 20 years I’ve been in the construction industry.

I am currently using SureTrak 3.0b version 2, and my issue right now is with using MS Excel and trying to import activities back into SureTrak.

I am tryint to use the Copy Activity function to first copy to MS Excel so that all the columns are established. Then I simply work in MS Excel to make my additions/changes, etc. Then I highlight the data in the spreadsheet and copy it. Then I go back into SureTrak and position the cursor at the activity where I want to insert my activities and use the Paste Activity function.

Here’s where the problem comes in. Why don’t the predeccessors/successors show up?

Any help will be greatly welcomed and appreciated.


Tamara Sutton
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Probably too late in the game for this, but anyway . . . I’ve found that when you group by predecessors or successors, you can then paste the relationships into Suretrak. It’s not perfect, you can only add one predecessor or successor per line, but it’s better than nothing.

Ernesto Puyana
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I’ve used the exact procedure you describe, to import resource assignments, but once i tried to import predecessors, what i got was a duplicate FS relation for each activitiy.

By the way, have you tried using the pivot table. I’m getting an illegal function message every way i try it. Can you help me?