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% Complete Confusion - here is the data...

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John Reeves
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April 29 Data Date
April 29 Actual start on activity
Orig Dur = 20
Actual Dur = 5
Rem. Dur = 20
Per. Complete Type = Dur.
Dur. Complete = 0%
Sched. % Complete = 45% - how is this possible.

float -39.

Should I tell the contractor it has to be wrong to have used 5 days because the actual is on the data dates so cold not have used 5 days but a bigger question is how can the Sched % complete show 45% -seems high to me, I do not understand it.



Ahmad AbdRabou
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Regarding to Data Date and Start Date:

if you are wroking from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and showing time in hours in the schedule, then you can start the activity on 8:00 AM and put the Data Date to 5:00 PM on the same day (Assuming it's a Working Day). After scheduling the Actual Duration will show 1 day (not 5 days).

Regarding to Schedule % Complete:

Consider the above setup, and after scheduling, go to project tab and assign the Data Date to a later date (without scheduling) it will change the Schedule % Complete value.

Regarding to Actual Duration:

It's uneditable, you can't change it unless you start the Activity and schedule the Data Date.



Zoltan Palffy
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1. you can not have ANY actuals on the data date

2. scheduled % complete is just that SCHEDULED how much SHOULD have been done SCHEDULED TO HAVE BEEN COMPLETED.

3. It this activity is on the critical path then the float is greater than -39 days negative so the negative value wil lbe greater than -39 meaning MORE negative. 

Rodel Marasigan
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P6 formula for :

Duration % Complete = The percent complete of the activity duration. Computed as (Original Duration - Remaining Duration)/Original Duration * 100. Always in the range 0 to 100. The Original Duration is taken from the current plan, not from the baseline.

Schedule % Complete = The activity schedule percent complete specifies how much of the activity's baseline duration has been completed so far.  Computed based on where the current data date falls between the activity's baseline start and finish dates. If the data date is earlier than the baseline Start, the Schedule % Complete is 0.  If the data date is later than the baseline Finish, the Schedule % Complete is 100.   The Schedule % Complete indicates how much of the activity duration should be currently completed, relative to the selected baseline.

Rafael Davila
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