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Confused about resource allocation

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omoba olawale
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Hey folks its me with so many questions

Another major issue here please

I am currently working on a schedule with  multidiscipline team  of resources  about  to be allocated to tasks in crews. Currently the schedule has  about 14 crews of various similar discipline all working  together.

However, on the same schedule I have some tasks  that has mix of people from each of these crews, for better illustration :

 Task A work to be executed by Welding Team comprising 2 welders, 3 electricians and 1 mechanical  technician all on 24hr shift


Task B –  Installation Crewe - 2 Electrician, 1 Plumber and 3 Control engineer each on 12hrs shift


Task C -  2 Electrician from installation and 1 welder from welding team


Project Manager wants each resource person to be allocated to task individually  in order to have an estimated budgeted labour units  for each for the whole project

My concern - this a schedule of 1000 task and  about 80 resources if allocated individually hence if I allocate manually  the whole process could become cumbersome and tedious

Does anyone in the house has any  idea of any fast rule to achieve same results with P6…. Am most grateful for any help I could get at this stage



Johannes Vandenberg
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Hi Vivtor

Why should you make life difficult. A welder is a welder and an electrician is an electrician. Do not bother to allocate each person to a specific activity. This may be the a exception for specialized trade. Make resources groups in the Enterprise tab of P6 and allocate the number of resources, Say 20 welder, 25 electricians . This  allows you to level resources as resource group for welders ,electricians etc. Recourse leveling  on the names Achmed, John or Claus is useless. 

Human Resources and time keeping systems are better for tracking man hours.


Hlamalani Baloyi
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Hi Victor,

I am facing a similar problem, my schedule is about 9000 lines and i have about 500 resources. What i have done is I have devided my schedule into 6 sections, The hard work is on section 1 where i have to manually allocate all of these resources however from section 2 to section 6 i have just copied and pasted as it is a repitation. This means that the resources i used on section 1 will be exactly the same for section 2 to section 6, which makes sense. The problem with this is Resource levelling, that is the nightmare i am now facing.

Hope it helps


Hlami Baloyi