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About resource Max. Units per time!!!

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Kuldeep Brahmbhatt
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In resources, max units per time means i have to add duration of particular material or machinaries in day or nos of material set or machinaries we are using in  a day.  Example, If I am using 4 Hydra then when I am inserting hydra as a resource then in Max. units /time cell i have to add duration of hydra using on site or i have to add nos of machinaries per day i am using such as 4/d.

Please give me explanation about it


Zoltan Palffy
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You can set up an activity based on activity type. If it is an TASK activity type the usually you set up a resource to display how many hours per day that resource will work on it per day. So a typical work day woulld be 8 hrs/day. Then you add the resource to the actiivity and it will automatically calculate the mahours based on multiplying the units/day times the number of days. So if the activity was 5 days it would take 5 days times 8 hours per day = 40 manhours for equipment hours or whatever. So this would equate to 1 man for 8 hours per day for 5 days. You can then modify the budgeted manhours and make it 80 and that would be 2 men for 8 hours a day for 5 days.

The other option is to set the activity type as RESOURCE DEPENDENT if you use this option and put in the manhours this is create the duration for you so it is backwards from the TASK activuty type. If you set the resource as 8 hrs/day and then put in 40 hours as a budget it will automatically make the duration 5 days. So the math is 40 budgted manhours / 8 hours per day = 5 days duraton. 

I hope I answered your question.