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Understanding required regarding (unite/time & standard rate) how it' works during cost loading w.r.t units.

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Mr.zoltan (Sir you have posted a data on this issue in 2014 but I did not get it fully, how) 


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I have added a non-labor resource to an activity in my schedule. I want to calculate the cost of units.

  • First of all, I want to know what is standard rate & Max unit/time in the resource window (Unit & Price).Its function or how these 2 columns work together in cost loading process.
  • how it calculate budgeted cost w.r.t budgeted units in activity window( Resource tab).?
  • is our default unit/time & max unit/should be same on any schedule...?


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Zoltan Palffy
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there is NO STANDARD rate and MAx units/time you set this based on your resources how they work together is that is you set price per unit to $2/LF and if you have 5 LF of whatever units that will make the costs $2*5=$10

Budgeted costs was already expalined above this will give you your budgeted costs based on the quantity of units.

default units/time & Max units can changed based on the resource being used. Maybe one resource is working 10 hours per day and another is working 8 hours per day.