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P6 Filtering on Activities View by Resource?

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Marc Timberlake
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Good afternoon all,

I'm trying to pull together an engineering specfic layout with EV info and have hit a stumbling block with filtering.

What I am trying to do is only show activities with a certain set of resources assigned, plus filter to only show the hours for these resources. e.g. a management activity with 50 hrs for lead eng and 50 hrs for planner, filtered would only show the 50 hrs for lead eng. Is this filter possible?

I tried from a different angle and tried to get something similar from the Resource Assignment View, which at first seemed to meet all requirements except info on CPI/SPI. Is it possible to show EV data at this level?




David Kelly
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 This is not in The P6 forum, But I guess it is about P6.


Earned value is only calculated and stored at the activity level in P6.  So if your activities have more than one resource, e.g. Pipefitter and rigger, you CANNOT determine CPI by trade. 

Specifically about filtering:

In the Activitries window, the minimum unit of granularity is the activity - so actvities with two resources are filterd in if you request either resource.

In the Resource Assignments window, the minimum unit of granularity is each resource assignment, but you cannot see EV.


Have fun. Everyone else has with this for the last 15 years.......

Rafael Davila
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I am not a fan of EVM as a management tool even when it is available in the software I use.  I have a preference on other methodologies such as Risk Analysis and Buffer Management using a methodology different to Critical Chain as some of us do not believe Critical Chain can always be protected and therefore feeding buffers will change.

I do not know about P6 and Resource Centers and hope this might help. It shall be easy when using Resource Centers if available in your software.

EVM Parameters photo EVM Parameters_zpstyajkfki.png

If you do not have functionality for Resource and Cost Centers maybe this can give you a clue to tweak it by using Cost Components assigned to your resources at 1$/h.  Not as easy but if everything else fails you might give it a try.

EVM bu Resource Center photo EVMby resource centers_zpsyivyn30n.png

More interesting is when tracking EVM by certain volume of work such as concrete work [CY] and the activities are scattered among different WBS that also contain other activities with different volume of work unit. In this case you might need to use multiple WBS structures for your reporting.  I know P6 is not capable of dealing with multiple WBS structures nor Volume of Work and wonder how you deal with this scenario.  Maybe if using an analogous tweak as proposed before and use Cost Components assigned at 1$/CY to your resources you can work it out.

Hope this help,

Good Luck.