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Filter for activities on same path

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Matthew Lin
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Hello Planners,


Just a quick think when Im doing a new schedule analysis,

Once an activity has logic links then it should on one/several specify path.

Is there any possibility to have a filter to filtrate all relative activities on the path? ... not only the critical one.

So we don't need to check those activities with "Go to" / "Jump"


Can it work to set an "activity has same total float" for that purpose? Or even there is software has that function?





Rafael Davila
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You can try the following:

1- For the activity you want to filter for predecessors assign a very long lag to one or all its successors. Or create temporary successor with very long duration as to force the activity to become critical.

2- Filter for activities with latest start less or equal to the start of the activity.

You will get only the predecessors plus you will also get the relative floats for all activities on the paths leading to the activity in question.

If resource leveling this method might miss a few activities. If using Spider Project the filter provided by Spider Project will not miss resource dependencies if option for creating resource dependencies is selected.

Filter for predecessors

Jenn Weber
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Hi Matthew, 

You can use Fuse to filter the specific paths as well as automatically identify open ends, constraints, negative float (or use any other check you wish) within the specific paths. There is a free trial of the software at 


Ian Dack
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Use a filter within a range of your CP float, the ranges may bring in other paths but aren't they pertinant too ?

best wishes,


Matthew Lin
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Thanks, guys!

Spider looks beautiful !!!

Only have MS project in my computer now. Will check with P3 later.


Unfortunately, only 3 month experience with P6 one years ago... 

Raymund de Laza
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Hi Matthew,

As per my understanding, the only way to show in P6 is to use the trace logic.


Hope this will help.





Moin Khan
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Hi Mathew

You can even do it in Primavera, for that you have to assign some activity codes to the activity you want in your filter.





Spider Project has this function: