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Project Cost & Manhour Calculation

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Arun Vasanth
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Dear Friends


Today I got a new thumb rule from my manager

That is 22% of the project cost is the Budgeted manhour.

Is this statement is correct .Please help me my dear friends...




Arun Vasanth


Sunil Babu
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Hi Vasanth,

Some times it depends on the High,low and medium Production rates.

That figure may be varying depends on the projects and the country wise..



Forest Peterson
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Some attributes about the project type - building/civil, structures/earthwork, design-build/unitCost, project type, selfPerformed/constructionManaged, union/non-union, other attributes you think of. The general answer without project attributes, from historical data gathered in Western North America: High 40%, Low 20%, average 30%, standard deviation 5%, sample size 100 projects.