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Calculating Planned manhours for an Project

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Ramakrishna R Kum...
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Hi All you gr8 Planners,

Im new to planning and i have this project Which is an high rise tower or 310mtrs. I want to calculate Manhours for this project which is of 32months.I can load into p3 our budgeted manhours as per trade wise(mason,steelfixers,carptrs etc.)
Guys I would like to know other way of caulating Planned Hours ...and providing s-curve for same ?
U have any productivity rates for each works and U calculate according to that?


Spider Project uses other approach to calculating manhours.
You can create databases (reference books) with the productivity norms for different types of resources on different types of work. Assigning types to resources and activities in your schedule and entering quantities (volumes) of work to be done on each activity you will be able to calculate project resource (cost, supplies) constrained schedule that is based on your norms and project restrictions (resource availability, financing schedule, supplies schedule). The software will calculate activity durations and planned manhours (and machine hours too) basing on your norms and will supply you with any kind of reports in table or graphic forms. Total manhours, trade manhours, manhours for any group of trades, etc. by hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, years and user defined periods (cumulative or not).
Marcio Sampaio
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If u have Mh on your schedule - like a resource - P3 will give u an S-curve.

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Hi Ram,

Planning Planet got productivity rates.

You may take a look at those productivity rates. It maybe of help to you, otherwise you can always revert to PP forum.