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time-location planning

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asaf zilka
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Joined: 27 Feb 2012
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is where any other time-location planning sofware other than TILOS (expensive...)



Thorsten Balthasar
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In my opinion the Asta solution is unsimilar and not comparible to a "real" time-location diagram and the benefits you can get from a fully integrated graphically tool like TILOS.

best regards


Mohammad Irfan Ah...
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Hi Asaf;

You can develop Time Location Chart by using an Microsoft Excel. The only constraint by using this software is Nice Graphical Contents because developing Time Location Chart using Microsoft Chart is based on Excel Chart Development.


asaf zilka
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and what the alternatives for TILOS?

Anning Sofi
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Asaf, if you know the basics of creating a time location/space diagram, and if your project is not so complicated, you can use excel. First create your programme in a P6 or MS Project, and use this information to generate the time space diagram in excel. You can always update in P6 and re adjust the time space diagram manually in excel.

However, If your company is engaged largely or continuously involved in horizontal or linear projects, convince your management to invest on a time space diagram software. It is worth it.

Mike Testro
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Hi Asaf

PowerProject v 12 has a time location option built in - you just switch the display from Task per line to time chainage.

Best regards

Mike Testro