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The Exact Definition of Open End Activity

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Mai Tawfeq
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A discussing was going on in regard of exact definition of open end activity.

Some said that open end activity, the activity without successor and others said that open end activity which is belong and come under open end track or path even the activity has predecessors or successor but the end of track where it belongs is opened with no links to project completion date.


So now my dear I need some expertise opinions.




Gehan Mahmoud
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Dear Mai,

Please i need your advice to filter those items with relationships SS OR FF. i saw them in Gantt chart as open ended items but in Log file those items did not appear. I need your guide to filter those items.


Tanveer Ahmad Niazi
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Hi Planners,

In my opinion the term “open end” is a dual relation. One with the software term and the other with the planning term or perception. In the first one means as Gary Whitehead stated. The other one means that the questioner already mentioned that it’s an activity at the end of the track or chain that has no successor and has no effect on the project finish date.I would rather suggest not to mix the both.

Andrew Owenson
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I would agree with Gary.... I remember quite a few years ago being taken on by Balfour Beatty to sort out a programme in Artemis I think. the previous planner had jacked and the programme literally wouldnt run because it had open ends, ie missing successors or predecessors. The software was written so you could not cheat like you can in todays world. Took me ages to resolve.

ps SS link does not count.




Gary Whitehead
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My understanding of open ended is that either

a) no other activity is driving the activity (open at the front end)

b) no other activity is driven by the activity (open at the back end)


Certainly this is the same definition Primavera use. I know Primavera are not the font of all knowledge, but theirs is the only written definition of open-ended I have come across.


I agree that having only ss sucessors is bad practise, but I don't think it is open ended.

Mai Tawfeq
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Joined: 4 Mar 2010
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   hi Gary:

I think this is a floated Activity, not opened end.

When activity link to other predecessor and successor ss relationship type it can: opened end (Finish has no successors)

i have similar I would show u but unfortunately i could not load the file .



Gary Whitehead
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Open end activity means an activity with either no sucessor or no predecesor.