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Vinay Goel
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Hi, As im am working with MEP & Fitout planning. I have regular discussion with Project Manager about the definiation of First Fix / Second Fix/ Final Fix for Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Fighting work.

The practical idea behind these fix is to make the Cluster of activities which requier resources of similer skill sets and Status of Interior.

Is there any official defination of "Fixes " for these services in any building codes / Standard ( In UK / US etc)


Jithin Kambhikanam
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Hi Vinay,

I had worked as Planning Engineer in the MEP Field before so I will tell you what I learned. In MEP  we had the following section by which we monitor the progress.

  • Slab Work - Any Work on the Slab - like Electrical Conduit Laying, Sleeve for Pipes and Ducts.
  • MEP 1st Fix - Anything on the Blockwork before Plastering - usually Pipework, Conduiting, GI Box, Sleeves, Drainage Work in Toilet, Kitchen after which the plastering would be done.
  • MEP2nd Fix - Anything beffore the false ceiling is done - like Wrire Pulling, Support Work, Pipe Work - Water, Drainage, CHW, Including PRessure Test. Water HEater Instalaltion, GI Conduit, Cable Tray , Cable Pulling, Fire Fighting Pipe Work, FCU fixing, Ducting, DB , MDB Wiring and Termiantion
  • MEP 3rd Fix - After Flase Celing is Done - Light fixture Installation, Switch Board, Grills & Diffusers for HVAC, Toilet Fixtures fire fighter sprinklers and all other finishing works.
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning



Mohammed shujauddin
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I am working as planning engineer,i am new in this feild.

My consultant asking me planned % and actual acheived % of work. after updating in primavera schedule i am getting planned % but how to get acheived % of work.  i tried in primavera, i updated physical % manually ( the work which completed at site in percentage) but over all % i am not getting.

can any one know about this.

Balu Karunakaran
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Dear Samer

Thats true.But what I meant is that there is a lack of standardisation in the MEP sequencing as such it seems.

Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Balu,

As long as the team members know exactly what is mean by the description of each activity, you will be ok.

With kind regards,

Balu Karunakaran
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While I was engaged in 2 different projects the fixes were different for each .

It is really a controversial issue.
Jacob Emmanuel
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We are using:


1st Fix - Ducting and Insulation, All Piping Works (Drainage, Water Supply, Chilled Water, etc

2nd Fix - FCU and Connections & All Testing

Final Fix - Grilles, Diffusers, Water Heaters & Sprinklers


1st Fix - Conduiting & Enclosures

2nd Fix - All Wirings, Treys & Trunking, DB’s

Final Fix - Smoke Detectors, Light Fittings & Switches

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Dear Sirs,

This is very interesting topic. u know when i started my carrier before 1 year my seniors explained one type of definitions for each fixes. Now the scenario had been changed into some other.

For Example They explained me that 1 st fix means Inside slab works or u can say in-cast services(conduiting,pipe openings,sleeves,duct openings)and also support fixings, trays & trunking works....

2nd fix defined for Duct instln,CHW Piping works,cable laying,water& drainage piping works,FF piping works, MEP Equipments instlns like (chillers,AHUs,FAHUs,FCUs,cooling towers,fans,MDBs,SMDBs,DBs,Panel Boards,DG Set,Transformers,Switch gears,Heat Exchangers,Water Tanks,Droppers,water heaters,Pumps,etc....)

Final fix includes Installation of Grills & Diffusers,Light fittings,Smoke detectors, Sprinklers, Taps, Sanitary ware fittings etc......(which is visible to the visitor mostly)

But these definition are being modified or considered based on the project team of client/consultant,MEP COnsultant,civil contractor,MEP contractor... Somebody will consider In-cast services only as 1st fix works.

Then all support fixings and sleeves as 2nd fix with above mentioned 2nd fix definitions.

So can you pls tell me,,, is there any proper definitions to identify these Terminologies in the proper manner.

Many Thanks in advance.....


S.Shaji Mohamed

Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Vinay,

The best idea would be to agree with your team members on the definition of each. This is not a big issue.

Make a list of all the systems that you have. Depending on your project, you might have from 2-16 systems. For each system define what is the meaning:

1st fix: install conduits in concrete or empty conduits anywhere.

2nd fix: pulling wires for electrical systems and installing valves flush with finish surface for mechanical systems.

3rd fix: install sockets, and cover plates, and lighting fixutres for electrical systems, and installing the fixtures or machines for the mechanical system.

Commissioning is a stand alone process since you will need the whole system operating at many zones.

Hope that the information assisted you. I did inquire from a Mechanical Consultant about the definition in the code, but I had a negative reply.

With kind regards,

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Mike Testro
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Hi Vinay

I have moved this thread to this forum.

You will get a better response from here.

Best regards

Mike Testro