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Level 2 and Level 3 Plans

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Dave Turnbull
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Could anyone tell me if there is any guide lines/rules etc to the difference between level 2 and 3 plans? I know more detail is included in a level 3 but just wanted to know if there was any rules i should follow.

Thank you for any help


Dave Turnbull
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Thank you every much for your help/links/advice. I have been informed it does state in the contract what is expected in the level 2 plan etc.

it is always good to know good advice is at hand
Dieter Wambach
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Hi Karim
Thank you for the excellent link!

Hi Dave

I agree to what John wrote for the different levels: Use common sense and don’t think too complicate. Often it is part of the contract, what should be delievered in the different levels. Basis must be a common plan from which you create the different views using filters and/or collapse data.
In any case it should be agreed during the start-up - e.g. the kick-off meeting - between all parties/stakeholders.

John Lawson
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Hi Dave,

Just apply a bit of common sense, rembering a level II is only a summation of the detail in your level III plan, with level I being a summation of the level II.

When setting up a plan I try to think what does the person reading the plan will want to know and be be able to understand and follow. Bearing in mind I will have to be easily and quickly acuratly progress the plans etc.

I normally break the work down into whatever is sensible to the project. This could be a breakdown by Work Location, Work Phase, Work Stage, Disciplnes, Systems, Sub System, Contractors. etc etc.

For the number of activites for the plans will depend on the size of the projects. Using a rule of thumb I try to keep level I & II plans onto single sheets of paper. This always looks better in the weekly/monthly progress reports!

I always discuss with the Manger/Director what their ideas are on the subject of levels of planning, at the same time showing them what I have produced.

A final point is to check the contract requirements, they may have specifiled what is required for levels of planning.

Above seems to have worked over the years!!


John L.

Karim Mounir
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