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Project Plan Checklist

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I would like to find a basic project plan CHECK LIST for individuals just being introduced to putting together a project plan and what the plan needs to encompass.


Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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Also you see pmbok in the PMI website
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Try to visit

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Please see website :

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I suggest you try publications on project management from institutions such as Chartered institute of building, Building Research Establishment, The Association of Project managers. These all have generic check lists which could be adapted for your use.
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Quite simply to me Planning is all about logic. Define the obective to be achieved first. Identify tasks to reach that objective (sometimes called a milestone). Next understand the dependencies between the tasks. Next is to estimate the time the individual tasks require. Once that is done a first pass programme exists. Revision may then be needed to the dependencies/ task durations to try and meet the Customer required end date. By having the logic mapped out first, if the end date required is not initially met,then everything done to "crash" the programme is a cause of potential Risk. Hey Presto - at a simple level programme and risk are now integrated.

Hope this helps. To me Planning is all about understanding and driving out dependency (logic) and identify risk.