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4D Modeling (3D Elements + Time)

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Ali Vessali
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Dear All,

Lets open a new interesting topic 4D. A hightech tool for monitoring project progress in 4 dimensions. Any experiences or sujestion?

Ali Vessali


D Artagnan
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i have used this tool when i was working in the contractor. It's a great application for presentation i.e, progress and impact analysis. one, i can recommend is the Autodesk Navisworks because of it's being a user friendly software and it can easily be integrated with Autocad. It easily connects to P6 SDK, P3 database and MS Project.  2nd is Vico Software, i haven't used it but i have seen some of the works from my friend and it's very good software as well, however, the downside is, it takes a lot of getting used to the interface. Navisworks almost works  like autocad.


The downside of this tool : you need a some team to this job and a 'big and reasonable' purpose.

Ali Vessali
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Hi there,

If you like to see some 4D samples in construction project, I suggest this link:
They have developed a powerful 4D application which you can use it for all kinds of projects. Just go and try it.

Good luck,
Ali Vessali

Tara Muddappa
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Hi Guys,

Sounds interesting.Could you please elaborate further its usage in Construction,say for a multistoried building.


Forum Guest
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Weve been toying with basic 4d models. Usually only for excavation, foundations, steel/masonry, slabs, skin and roofing - no interiors (yet.)

The biggest challenge has been in creating the 3-d model itself. Few architects are publishing 3-d drawings, and weve generally had to create the 3-d drawings ourselves based on the available 2-d.

Weve used a couple of different products to create the model, our first efforts used Cararra which is more of a 3-d gamers tool. We tried a web based tool, but those folks just didnt want our money. We gave them a very simple project (parking deck) and it took 2 months to get anything back from them.

Now weve moved on to Architectural Desktop and Arch VIZ. Our CAD guy builds the model and a scheduler puts the timing to it. Were still working out the bugs, but its the best plan weve come up with so far.

Ed van der Tak
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Up till now I have only worked with a couple 2D (+time) experiences. Primavera P3 connected to a database with 2D Geo information. I have heard from a development of a 5D concept, being 3D + time + money. I could think of the 6D being 5D + resources. Well time will tell (8ls). This could be a new field of experience. Problem in many of these cases is the amount of money and time needed to fill the database to be able to plan and work. This amount of money can only be spent in big development projects and special projects (fi. Walt Disney / NASA etc.)

I will keep you informed about any finding on this issue.


Ed van der Tak
ARAM Planning Consultants
The Netherlands