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Future Training Articles

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Mike Testro
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EDA Blogs

I’ve decided to place all future articles on a blog page on my website.

These are the links to my published articles.

Corona disruption – a precise method of how to calculate the disruption caused by coated 19.

Construction delay – the most common causes of delay in a construction project.

Disruptive work explained – this is my method of calculating disruption of construction resources. This has nothing to do with delay.

Real-world planning – this explains how to create construction programs within Asta power project represents how things work in the real world.

Time at large – explains how in construction work different circumstances where time can be set at large.

The naked king – this tells you how the dispute industry has become brainwashed into believing that critical path analysis is the only way to demonstrate facts.

New blogs will be published regularly and I will let you know when they are available on my website.


Rafael Davila
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  • I loved your article on The Naked King, so true.
  • I looked at your article on PABDAM Explained and liked it as well.

I would like to have a PDF version by yourself of both articles to use them as original references. Too complicated protocols can be useless if our courts cannot follow them.

Thank you,


Tom Boyle
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Looks like a bunch of good references.  Thanks, Mike!

Zoltan Palffy
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thanks good stuff here MIke