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PLEASE HELP .. I opened too many projects and cant access my P6

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Mohamed El Dawy
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Hi Everyone, if anyone knows a way out of this I would highly appreciate it.

I wanted to backup my projects (over 100 projects) so I can transfer these projects to another computer with an higher version of P6, so I tried opening like 15 of them to export, and the P6 stopped worrking and it wouldnt open again for insuffecient memory, I increased my RAM to 16GB, and my computer is an Intel Core I7, and still, it wouldnt open !!!!!!!!!! ... could anyone please help me with a solution ?!!! I can access my files and getting close to a very critical due datesss !!!



Pratap Dinahar
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Easy. Again, with Rubix, our new project controls utility, this is a one click fix. It's a matter of resetting your user preferences in P6.

For more information about Rubix or a free trial, search Rubix.

If you'd like to fix it manually, steps are below. You need direct access to the database to fix it. 

After logging in to the database's backend (method may vary depending on whether it's SQL Server or Oracle or SQLITE), execute the below query. 

update userdata set user_data = null where topic_name = ‘pm_settings’ and user_id in (select user_id from users where user_name = '<your user name>')

Note, you'll have to close P6 before implementing this fix. Once you execute this query, you can log back in.