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P6 - Remaining duration does not change when Original Duration is altered.

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Jonathan Jay
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I have imported a schedule from MS Project to P6 v.7.0. I changed all of the activity types from "resource dependent" to "task dependent" and I changed the duration type from "fixed duration and units" to "fixed duration and units/time".

Now when I change an un-statused activity's original duration in P6, the remaining duration doesn't change. It appears that the link between OD and RD is turned off. Can someone tell me where I can reset this link? I can change each duration individually, but I'm curious as to why the RD doesn't change automatically.


Mazura Maarof
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unfortunately it does when u importing ms project into P6. i was wondering why my finish date doesnt move after i change the OD. End up, i find out the RD was different from OD eventho wtihout actual. 

Mazura Maarof
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mani M.R
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Hai Jay


Please check the below option


Project - Calaculation Tab - Link Budget and at acompletion for not started activities (Ticked) 

                                      Reset Remaining duartion & Units to Original (Enable)




Manochehr Hosseini
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DEar Jonathan,

There is no link between OD and RD unless the activitiy doesnt have any actual.