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change working days

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faisal afsar
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i am using MSP 2007 and want to make the saturdays and sundays as a working days would any body help me out as to how to do it, it is urgently required.


Khuong Do
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I write an article regarding How to edit Project calendar in Microsoft Project.

If you're interested, kindly read it here https://doduykhuong.com/2016/09/17/how-to-edit-project-calendar-in-microsoft-project/

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Tools, Change Working Time, then click the Workweek tab, and the Details button,
Select Saturday and Sunday in the list and click the 3rd option: Nondefault Working Time radio button
saïd aïdek
Darren Kosa
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Hi Faisal,

I can’t quite remember if it is the same for 2k7, but in 2k3 it’s Tools > Change Working Time.

In the Change Working Time dialog box, select which calendar you want to change, click the header in the Saturday and Sunday columns (this should highlight each Saturday and Sunday in the calendar) and click the Nondefault Working Time radio button.