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Tips on using this forum..

(1) Explain your problem, don't simply post "This isn't working". What were you doing when you faced the problem? What have you tried to resolve - did you look for a solution using "Search" ? Has it happened just once or several times?

(2) It's also good to get feedback when a solution is found, return to the original post to explain how it was resolved so that more people can also use the results.

Introduction info could be better

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Mark Copland
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I have just went through an unplanned shutdown where we did complete a lot of work for an upcoming planned shutdown but more could have been done. I just joined but there is no guidance for newcomers for either searching forums or posting questions ( ie where to post them to get best response etc)


Mark Copland
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Joined: 22 Mar 2014
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Thanks guys

Hi Chaps,

Just seen this.  I will call one of the guys and ask him to create a newForum sections called "Turnaround & Shutdown Planning" please give me a few mins :)


Gary Whitehead
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Hi Mark,


I agree some more guidance would be useful. -I have been asking for a while now for some "sticky" posts where we could include such guidance, along with FAQs, articles, etc. Fallen on deaf ears, I'm afraid.


We don't have a specfic forum for turnaround & shutdown planning, so best to post such queries on the general "Planning, scheduling & programming" forum.

The forums with the most recent posts are orted to the top of the pile, so there isn't really any particular place to post where you are more likely to get a response than any other


As for searching, there's a search box at the very top of the page. It's pretty basic and self-explanatory.