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Formatting Column Width of UTID

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Chris Wilson
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I have aded the Unique Task ID to the spreadsheet section of my programme as I like to be able to talk about activities by number or WBS rather than lines as line numbers can change dependant on what bars are rolled up in summaries when you print. 

I am however having difficulty formatting my columns when I come to print to pdf.  I have a number of procurement streams  in the programme which have more than one activity on each line and as a result the column width when printed becomes quite wide, as it shows all UTID in the one column. 

Is there anyway around this, other than expadning the full procurement stream ou or removing the column?





Mike Testro
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Hi Chris

When you have more than one task in a single row just click the small + sign on the left of the title and the tasks will drop down into sequences showing a single UTID. You may have to unclick the "Task per Line" button on the Format Bar Chart menu to make this work.

Best regards Mike Testro

robmx 1
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Chris, You me have already resolved this but the easiest method might be to change the column details in Table Definition - hit ‘Settings’ against Specific Task, select the ‘Specific Task’ radio button and specify Task Number ‘1’. The column will then only return the UTID for the first task in any multi task bars.