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Permanent Resource - Calendar, Working Time, Overtime

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Chris Lothian
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Hi all,

Is there a way to numerate total working time that a resource has been allocated, with separate figures for standard working time and overtime?

Currently I have a library of resources which i regularly use. I have duplicates of resources for those that work different calendars / times, but this is a bit disorganised and the library is oversized.

To solve this i was wondering if there was a way that you can allocate standard working hours to a resource, then when allocated to a task and if the task dictates the resource is required out of these standard hours this would be shown as overtime?



Ben Taunt
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Hi Chris,

I notice that you're using a fully supported licence of Asta Powerproject within your company - why not send this question directly to our support team so that they can help you?  They're committed to supplying a response within an hour so you'll get a faster turnaround that way:

UK Support Helpdesk: 01844 261609 or

Best wishes,

Ben @ Asta