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Ger McSweeney
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I have a work collegue who has just moved jobs and has started to use Powerproject. I myself have no experience working with this software package, so i’m hoping some fellow planners out there might.......
He created a calendar using some sort of "calendar wizard", but when he clicked on the calendar he created to be used as his default calendar, the non-working days are not shaded out. Is it some sort of display option he hasn’t clicked on or something else?

I know i’m very vague here, its just he was explaining it over the phone and i have never used Powerproject before. I don’t know what version he is running, but if ye need more info, please reply with a list and i can hopefully get them answered!!!!

Hoping someone can do something!!
Ger McSweeney


David Bordoli
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Calendars aren’t the easiest thing to set up in any software package because of the vast amount of information you need to put in (working hours, non-working hours, holidays, over-time, exceptions and so on). The ‘calendar wizard’ should be a pretty foolproof way of doing things though!

If the software is loaded using the default settings a number of ‘templates’ are automatically set up. When starting a new programme I would advocate using one of these, it saves mountains of time fixing up calendars, code libraries, resources and the like.

As Graham has said one of the problems may be that the calendar your mate has made hasn’t been made the default or when he draws new tasks they might not have the right attributes. I suggest he draws a task then does a right-click on the task and chooses ‘Properties…’. In that menu there is a tab called ‘Task’, and in there, under the ‘Dates’ he can select the calendar he wants for the task. Then, after closing that menu, if he does another right-click on the task and selects ’Copy Properties to Defaults…’ from the menu that calendar (and all other attributes) will be assigned to subsequent tasks.

Good Luck


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