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Senior Project Management Consultant, CLC Gestion de projet et Conseil, Various Projects

START Date: 
January, 2002
END Date: 
December, 2005

- ALSTOM TRANSPORT SYSTEM : Set-up of the engineering modification management system for the project Lausanne M2. This system is used by both Electro-mechanical and Civil engineering.
- TOTAL EP SYRIA : During SAP implemantation in the subsidiary, help and replace cost contrôler of the production departement (90% of the budget).
- DCN (French national ship and submarine construction) Public Contract :
Set-up and following of a global resource management system in order to achieve the 6-month resource plan for the 3 departments.
- ALSTOM TRANSPORT SYSTEM : For project CIRCLE LINE (automatic transportation system line in SINGAPORE - 1 billion euro contract), redaction and implementation of the documentation configuration management plan and the integration configuration management plan. Assistance for software choice.
- SNCF :  Assistance specification and implementation of SNCF cost control software (internal solution) for the development & maintenance projects (electro-mechanical and railroad projects). Expertise in cost-control and estimation for estimation methods validation using 8 test projects (audit, report and recommandations). Set-up and following of the cost control for the project TGV EST - Installation end (0,5 billion  €).

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):