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help please

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Nadeem Akram
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Dear Fellows Can any one please guide me
A------------ I got option of Further educationin in 2 Universities.
1-MSc Project Management Reading University School of Construction Management.
2- MSc Construction Management City University London

I want to start my career as Planner or Planning Engineer ,which MSc will suit my career?
B------------What is difference between Planner and Planning Engineer.

I hope you will spare some time for me


Nadeem Akram
Senior Engineer


Ahmed Khan
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Aslkm Dear Nadeem Akram,

If U want to be planner no need for U to have a degree, Only the thing is U have to familiar with primavera (P3/P6). But if U wants to study for Ur better carier, Then Plz go ahead ASAP.


Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Nadeem,

I reviewed the information on both sites and prepared the following comparison for you:

City University Reading University
Time 1 year full time 2 years part time
Cost 4950 pounds 3630 pounds
Scope 10 modules + Project 4 core+4elective+4 assignments

The courses at City has include a planning module, whereas Reading does not contain one.

If you are a junior engineer seeking a masters, then it would better to stop for a year and take a degree and then move on. Whereas, if you are a senior engineer who can not leave work, then you can afford to take 4 modules every year at one week each and do the remaining work off site.

I hope that I made things more clear for you to decide.

Good luck,

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Hi Nadeem,

What happen to you now.

Planning Engineer are planning practitioner with engineering degree from recognize institution, bassically, college or university.

Planners are anybody practising planning as profession without engineering degree.

happy planning and scheduling