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Import/Export to Ascci file, please help!!!

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Mia Ng
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I have tried to export data to Excel (using Import/export to Ascci File), edited and saved the excel file. However when I tried to import the data back to Tilos, nothing happeded (i.e. no changes in current programme). Also the file type that Tilos allow to import is txt. file (not excel file). Is there anything I did wrong there? I was using the same function Import/export to Ascci File to import the file back). Many thanks


Hubert Geier
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It works in the follwing way:

1 Export your xls data to clipboard: 1 Line = 1 Task.

2. Start TILOS 7 and Open the project

3. File / Import Menu

4. Select option ASC TXT

5. Select datasource = Clipboard

6. Select Import profile or Create a new rule: (Press F1 for help how to set up)

7. Slect sub project where data should go to

8 Import

You can import tasks, but also links etc...

Tekin Guvercin
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Which version of TILOS you use? Copy-Past from Excell work quite well in TILOS. IF you want to use complex excell file for import you need to have macro instaled

Rafael Davila
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Save as CSV (MS-DOS)

Try saving the file from excel as a CSV(MS-DOS) file and try to import this file from Asta Tilos. CSV(MS-DOS) file format for many decades have been unchanged an probably will never be, it is a universal standard, contrary to worksheet files that every few years are changed. If Asta Tilos selection for file import was CSV(MS-DOS) it was a smart choice.

In case the required format is not coma separated value or CSV you can try with a copy and paste from the worksheet to windows notepad and then try importing from the notepad file.
Mike Testro
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Hi Mai

I don’t run Tilos but usually with Asta products you can copy paste directly from the programme to a spreadsheet and back again.

Best regards

Mike Testro.